Bike Blanket

About the Client

The Bike Blanket is fully waterproof. The internal layer is created from various different materials and as such the combination allows the air to circulate when the Bike Blanket is fitted to the bike. It provides full protection to all high-risk areas and is built to last. The durability of the product is 100% and the Bike Blanket will protect your bike for a lifetime. With the Bike Blanket fitted, you can manoeuvre your bike with ease. Strapping points are built-in for loading onto a stillage or for securing the bike during transportation. Fitting takes moments, no more expensive damage to your pride and joy.


The client required a clean and easy look for the website, that was both attractive and straight forward to navigate for the greatest usability. This would ensure all customers could do what they needed to do. To support this, the site needed lots of big images with surrounding information. The website required an E-Commerce element in order to include, what was initially, two products, with the ability to add more. One of the products needed the ability to be sold online, to provide remote accessibility. While the second product was under an enquiry only status.

Technical requirements:

  • Professional email services
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for site encryption
  • Domain Hosting
  • Email through Microsoft Office365 Exchange only service

Our Solution

The website was built on the WordPress framework. The look and feel of the website has been designed to be intuitive for the visitor with call to actions mainly on the home page. The website was built mobile responsive down to mobile phone screen size. Additionally, our team designed a new logo for the site in order to set the theme. We also created a 3D informative video render for the home page, consiting of the original PDF model the client had available. These additional features really helped to enhance the feel of the website, therefore increasing the attractiveness off the company, and therefore, the products.