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About Dancemania Dancewear

Dancemania is an independent dancewear and gymnastics clothing retailer that sells branded and own-label products online 24/7 through, as well as in-person 7 days a week through our large showroom.

Dancemania is dedicated to providing its users with the products they want, when they want them, and at the best possible price. Dancemania excels in this area because it has always prioritized the fundamentals of remote selling, culminating in 2008 with the construction of a central warehouse for receiving and packing customer purchases to be sent across the world seven days a week.

The Requirement

Having successfully assisted the client with their initial website Dancing Daisy, the client approached us to help with the migration of the existing website for Dancemania. Following the purchase of the business, the client inherited an old site on the X-Cart platform and was being hosted on an over-powered USA based hosting server. This in turn was costing the client a lot of money and making it very difficult to manage any changes and products.

The original website was built on the Domain which was in itself causing some issues owing to the non standard Domain extension. The requirement was to build a new site on a new Domain, hosted back in the UK with the Domain eventually being pointed to the new site.

The new site needed to integrate with Storefeeder (Internal ERP warehouse system) in the same way as the Dancing Daisy website. Along side this the new site needed to be easy to manage and edit along with product and category management.

Work carried out

This project had a particular set of challenges. Least not the fact that the data was sitting on an open source old X-Cart platform. The main issue came when attempting to transfer the product data from the old site into the new WooCommerce platform. It became apparent very early on that this was not going to be a quick and easy task. Through perseverance we managed to get all of the data out of the old X-Cart site and into a format that could be easily transported back into the new WooCommerce site.

Once the transfer of data had been achieved we set to work on the design elements of the website flowing from the home page through to checkout. Working closely with the client we co-ordinated the transfer of data, the design and the development of the website to the exact client requirements.

Finally we worked closely with Storefeeder to develop in the connector to allow the client to manage their products centrally in one place. This included all of the picking, packing and shipping.

The new site was now being hosted and in a position to go live but we still had to ensure that the move over to the new website was seamless to the end user. To this end the old site was put into maintenance mode whilst we made the relevant DNS changes to point the old Domain over to the new Domain.

Once everything had been transferred over and full propagation had taken place, we tested the site from start to finish to ensure that there were no broken links from the old Domain and that everything behaved in the right way.

The result

We were super happy that we managed to not only grab ALL of the old data from the existing site but we also put the site live for the client on time and without any disruption to business.

Following on from the go live of the new website, we provided all training required and have since further enhanced the website for the client to include discounts and very strict shipping rules.

As with all of our sites, we always ensure that we are there for our clients every step of the way and even if that does mean burning the midnight oil to get the data from one old site to a new site.

This was to be the second of three websites built for this client and the third is currently under development awaiting go live.

Google Reviews

Shiny new ecommerce site

We have been so pleased with the work that Brown Booth has completed for us. We have a whole shiny new ecommerce website created by Rob Brown and the team. The project was managed professionally and completed in time, with support and back up provided when we needed it. Their expertise with email, SEO and social media marketing has also come in really handy.
We highly recommend Brown Booth to anyone needing these services. Huge thanks!
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