Talk Clothing
About the client

Talk clothing is a fashion brand, designed by three men who have a completely different outlook on fashion. All three however, have been through their own trials and tribulations regarding mental health, and this amongst many other reasons has brought them closer as people; as friends.

As a result of many conversations regarding mental health, and the occasions they have talked and helped each other through their bad times. They created Talk Clothing 50, a fashion brand that will promote positive thinking, good mental health and the help that is available for anyone going through a bad time themselves. A brand that will bring a smile to someone’s day, or give someone the ability to bring a smile to someone’s day, or spark a conversation that wouldn’t otherwise have been started. To try and bring positivity or light to a negative day.

Talk Clothing have also committed to donate 50% of all profits made to mental health and suicide prevention charities. The idea is to donate as much as possible to increase the great work that is being done and the outstanding help that is on offer by many, many charities and organisations.


Talk Clothing had a small online e-commerce offering through an online shop builder. Although this was designed and developed to a very high standard, there was a need to expand and offer some further functionality to the website as well as increase its offering.

The site needed to be user friendly, mobile responsive and easy to manage both in terms of content and products on offer. Two checkout options were required, these were PayPal and a Credit Card payment option.

There was also the additional development required to integrate with suppliers so that online ordering was both slick to the end user and seamless in terms of the ongoing supplier ordering process.

Affiliate marketing was also required to provide additional sales channels.

Technical requirements:

  • Website hosting
  • Professional email services
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for site encryption


  • Hosting by ‘GoDaddy’
  • Email through Microsoft Office365 Exchange only service
  • SSL via Go Daddy Secure Certificate Authority – G2

The website was built on the WordPress ‘WooCommerce’ framework. The look and feel of the website has been designed to be intuitive for the visitor and easy to use/order throughout the product offerings.

The back office has been built to give the client maximum content management including all product related data including but not limited to all product options using the variant process.

Research into the best Affiliate Marketing plugin was carried out and implemented/tested fully working prior to go live.

Both checkout options have been developed into the site PayPal and STRIPE (Credit Card Processing)

Integration into two main suppliers with fully automated notifications of orders to facilitate manufacture and distribution.

The website was built to be mobile responsive down to mobile phone screen size.

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