About the Client

We can help research gas, electricity and water tariffs and look at the charges. We can also research the best deals when it comes to the length of the contract. Contact us for an independent, unbiased review of your existing energy and water tariffs with three quotes from different service providers. This will then help you to make an informed choice as to what the best deal is for your business needs.


The client previously had a very bad experience with their existing web company, and this was an area in which we knew we could help. The domain and hosting needed rescuing as a priority, prior to any re-writing of the website in WordPress, in order for the client to be able to update the site themselves, therefore making their job easier.


Our Solution

Once our team had worked to rescure the domain and hosting for the site, a complete re-write was in order. This was to create a website with cleaner appearance, with the use of new images and clear call to action buttons throughout the website. Making the customer journey easy to navigate was crucial, as well as making the side widely accessible.