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Organic traffic is the most precious and with our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) service we aim to not only drive traffic to your website but convert them to customers. There are two main parts of this service being technical and on page content.

It should not be under-estimated how important the technical health of your website is. There are many agencies out there who will tell you that technically it doesn’t matter. This could not be further from the truth. Google’s customer is the one in front of the keyboard and to direct customers to websites that have issues is not in their best interest.

On page content is equally important. Again with Google becoming more human than human, it must ensure that the content it is sending its customers to is both interesting and relevant.

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Google PPC

Above the organic results within Google search are the adverts. For many years Google have been instructed to make these more obvious to the person conducting a search using their search engine. At present, on a mobile and PC device using Google Chrome these show up as ‘Sponsored’.

Google PPC also known as AdWords are just that. They are adverts and thus are treated that way by Google. So the bigger the budget the more likely you are going to appear to audiences searching for your services. Just like advertising in a magazine where a full page advert is going to be more expensive than a small advert.

Set up and managed the right way Google PPC can provide a good return on investment. With Google changing the algorithms almost daily it is equally important to stay ahead of the game.

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Social Media

So it’s not just about websites when we talk about digital marketing, social media can be just as affective. That said, it is always advisable to have a website behind social media as your audience will expect it as an additional level of trust.

Understanding that social media is expanding your brand name and adding another audience level to your business is important. There are some agencies that will work on social media just to get you more leads. At Brown Booth, we fully understand the importance of a good social media presence. We concentrate on promoting your business and brand rather than playing a numbers game with lead generation.

There are many social media channels and not all suit every business which is why we look at your business first to then advise on best options.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing relies on one very important component, your audience. Without a solid customer database this service will not work. Simply spamming out mass email marketing to a list of email addresses that have not even expressed an interest in your business and or service will never work. At best you will receive countless complaints and nearly every other email recipient will unsubscribe.

The very first question we always ask every customer who would like to explore this service is ‘Do you have a subscription database’. This is a list of customer email addresses who are happy for you to send updates to.

Once we have established that a business has a customer list, we will then move onto the planning of an email marketing campaign.

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eBay & Amazon

So you have an online e-commerce store or you simply sell from a physical location. A great addition to any retail outlet whether large or small are the eBay and Amazon channels. Complimenting your online or physical store with these two channels can mean a significant increase in customers and orders.

Getting the marketing right with these two giants is especially important. There are not only opportunities to lose out on customers and orders but get it wrong and you can find yourself banned from the channel for periods at a time.

We have teamed up with JCM Ecommerce to bring you top quality eBay & Amazon marketing. We have worked with these guys for a number of years now and have no hesitation in recommending them to our customer base.

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