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Global E-Commerce

2022 saw the global ecommerce marketplace generate a staggering $5.7 trillion in sales, with more than half of those purchases made through online marketplaces. This figure is projected to skyrocket to over $8 trillion during the next four to five years as companies increasingly shift their focus towards these digital platforms for promotion and retailing alike – cementing an ever-growing role for this sector within our modern economy.

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Advantages of the Marketplaces

Selling your products through marketplaces can be a smart and advantageous decision; particularly if you are already an experienced online seller. This channel of distribution could help to expand the reach of your business on the digital sphere.

What’s more, these platforms are incredibly well-ranked on search engines. By establishing your presence in the marketplace, you will not only increase visibility but also further optimise natural (organic) SEO for your website.

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Easy Comparison for the user

Marketplaces are an expansive platform for selling products, however you must make sure that your product range, pricing and other characteristics stand out from the competition in order to gain a competitive edge.

Competing against the powerful retail giants can be an intimidating prospect, however marketplaces make it possible and provide a real advantage to users. Shopping around is made simple as customers can contrast products with similar features all in one place.

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Secure payments and deliveries

Market place platforms are committed to secure payments for sellers, and reliable delivery of products for buyers. Furthermore, anti-fraud systems provide peace of mind with every transaction. This sense of security has been reflected in the high levels of customer satisfaction that these channels see in relation to quality criteria.

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