Following a full audit on eBay store we carry out the following initial work
  • Investigate how listings are currently uploaded/managed and explore options to improve and make more efficient use of time.
  • Action all initial observation/improvement points to bring the eBay store up to required standards to enhance both the store and product offerings.
  • Impliment an action plan for ongoing improvements/enhancements to further enhance and increase sales.
How we then do the work?

Store front design

We work with a number of Designers that are at the Ranked Top in their field to Custom Design Shop Fronts to our Clients Specifications. This is just one example Shop Design that we have worked with in the past but if you want something different then we can arrange this for you to your custom Design

Listing optimisation

eBay’s Best Match Parameters determine the placement of items in the search results page. They take into account how relevant the category and keywords in the item’s title are to the buyer’s query and how often similar items have been watched or bought in the past.

Below are the areas that we concentrate on to improve listing placement on the search results page for items:

  • Number of recent sales: The more sales that are made from a multi-quantity listing, the higher that listing appears in search results.
  • Keyword relevance: This is based on the items that buyers clicked on and bought when doing the same search in the past. The first three words in the search are most important.
  • Price/value: The better value a listing is, the more buyers it is likely to get, and therefore the higher its recent sales score. Sellers who price items low and try to make up for it with high P&P costs will score poorly in the P&P DSR, and will feature lower as a result.
  • Listing duration: We recommend listing items with longer durations to help you increase your recent sales score while minimising insertion fees and time spent on listing maintenance
Tools to do the job

We have at our disposal and utilise a number of tools on our client’s behalf to facilitate and make more efficient the listing and management process.

  • Marketplace Middleware software: Create, control and manage listings & stock to all marketplace channels
  • Customer Service Software: Channel all customer service query’s from all marketplace channels into one Portal to improve efficiency and monitor staff performance
  • Reviews and Feedback software: Monitor Product Reviews and automatically send Product review requests to customers post sale once product has been received
  • Listing Translation Software: listing of products in to EU

It should be noted that although we work hard to optimise listings, the key driver is always going to be that the price points have to be commercially competitive. We will always endeavour to advise where possible by carrybibg pout research within the market place, however it is ultimately the responsibility of the client to ensure that the pricing is structured correctly.

Dependant upon current listing levels this can have an affect on lead times for completing tasks.

Reporting & Analysis

Our specialist Team provide data analysis on sales, stock & performance so the business can make correct decisions across all marketplaces, example of reports below

  • Run rate reports
  • Stock position reports
  • Month performance reports
  • Sales out reports

Bespoke reports can also be compiled depending on the client’s needs and requirements