Evergreen Drainage Solutions
About the client

Evergreen Drainage Solutions will become the first service offering of the Evergreen Conservation Group. The drainage business will quickly become leaders in providing a quick and cost-effective drainage solution to the Dorset, Hampshire and the surrounding areas.

All works will be carried out by their in house, fully insured, CRB checked engineers and will come with a full workmanship guarantee.


Initial requirements were for the following:

  • Website
  • Social media set up
  • Future plan for growth of the Evergreen Conservation Group with further divisions


Heavy investment of time and digital set up was carried out in the short term with more emphasis on the consultation for the inception and growth into a group of companies.

Financial investment into various marketing channels has and continues to be employed on the initial service offering. Again this will be expanded into additional services as and when they are set up as part of the group offering.

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We had massive aspirations to grow the company into a group of companies quickly but the guys at Brown Booth helped us to understand that to grow a business like ours into a group of companies takes time and nurturing. We are grateful and continue to be thankful of their valued input in return for a small holding within our business.