Net Paladin Ltd
About the client

Net Paladin Ltd – Cyber Security solutions approached us with an initial concept of providing value for money cyber security services.

The business is owned by two university graduates, both of whom have their own particular attributes to offer to the business.

Net Paladin business takes the form of individual services that can be tailored and packaged on an ad-hoc basis following conversation with the client regarding what may be most relevant for the operational capacity. Such services are listed at


As both business partners were university graduates they had all of the ideas and specialist skill sets but did not know how to go about implementing into a business plan and or start evaluating the market rates.

Business advice along with assistance in exploration of market pricing was needed to set up the initial business.


Working very closely with the business owners, we quickly established a business plan and market cost analysis.

At the time of investment, we had a requirement for one of our ongoing clients who required cyber security analysis and consultation. Our client took up the offer from Net Paladin which resulted in the chaps getting their first piece of work.

Ongoing, we have now added Net Paladin to our preferred network of vendors for Cyber Security and we continue to invest our time in helping these guys move forward with their business model to achieve success.

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Without Rob’s initial business advice, I don’t think we would have managed to get off the ground as we had no idea on where to start. His patience and welcome advice has helped us to not only understand our marketplace but has also assisted us in winning a couple of placements already.