Talk Clothing
About the client

Talk clothing is a fashion brand, designed by three men who have a completely different outlook on fashion. All three however, have been through their own trials and tribulations regarding mental health, and this amongst many other reasons has brought them closer as people; as friends.

As a result of many conversations regarding mental health, and the occasions they have talked and helped each other through their bad times. They created Talk Clothing 50, a fashion brand that will promote positive thinking, good mental health and the help that is available for anyone going through a bad time themselves. A brand that will bring a smile to someone’s day, or give someone the ability to bring a smile to someone’s day, or spark a conversation that wouldn’t otherwise have been started. To try and bring positivity or light to a negative day.

Talk Clothing have also committed to donate 50% of all profits made to mental health and suicide prevention charities. The idea is to donate as much as possible to increase the great work that is being done and the outstanding help that is on offer by many, many charities and organisations.


Talk Clothing required a website and also needed assistance with initial and future marketing. There was also a requirement to investigate current market trends along with looking at various ways in which to take the brand to market both within the UK/Europe arena along with the USA marketplace.

Affiliate marketing was also identified as a good channel for clothing brands in general so this needed to be explored and implemented.


Initial investment was to pay for a full e-commerce offering along with all product listings. This was achieved within budget and on time for the client.

All marketing channels were set up in line with the company branding which included social media streams. Investment of considerable time was made available to explore the UK/Europe and USA marketplace.

Affiliate marketing was implemented onto the website and fully tested working. A number of appropriate affiliates were identified and communication/setup was carried out.

The company is now on track with a fully commercialised web presence which will allow them to expand on the brand and push into future markets.

We continue to support Talk Clothing and everything they stand for whilst being there as an investment partner as the business continues to grow.

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Without the help from Seb & Rob we would never have gotten this far in such a short space of time. Their persistent support and encouragement to push forward was fundamental and remains at the heart of our future growth.