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What is Email Marketing?

Put quite simply, email marketing is a way to get your business message across to your existing and new customers. It also allows you to reach a list of potential customers providing that you have consent to do so of course.

Email marketing can be quite a successful string to add to any digital marketing campaign. For example you could let you customers know what deals you have coming up and or events that you have planned.

In some cases a newsletter style email marketing campaign works well, especially for organisations supplying services so as to keep customers up to date with what is happening in your company along with its services.

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What you need to do the job?

So you have an idea for an email marketing campaign but don’t know where to start. There are a couple of things to consider before you get started.

A database of existing and or new customers. If you do not have a subscribed list of customers to use then email marketing is not for you. There are a lot of grey areas with GPDR when it comes to email marketing but in general it is best to stick with the basics. Have an email address database of customers that either have subscribed to your marketing or have purchased from you in the past.

It is no longer feasible to simply use your own email client such as Outlook to send out mass emails to all of your customers. Doing this can and normally ends up with your Domain on the spam blacklists. To this end something like ‘Mailchimp‘ or ‘Send in Blue‘ are just a couple of the more popular email marketing software solutions available on the web.

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Grow Your Customer Database

As mentioned above, it is important to have an email marketing database of subscribed customers and or customers that have purchased from you in the past.

There are a lot of ways in which you can build a database but the most safest way is to have a ‘subscribe for updates’ section on your website. This can then be integrated into your chosen software to collect data and save for use with your marketing campaigns.

This can also be done via social media by driving traffic to your website to collect data. Another quite common thing to do is to give away free information on your website but the visitor has to input their details to get it. This still requires a confirmation button to either subscribe or un-subscribe to your marketing.

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Make it to the point

To ensure that your email marketing campaign is as successful as possible it is important to design your emails to be short and to the point. The longer the email the less chance it has to be read. Get short bursts of information with call to action buttons to take the reader back to your website where they can read more on the subject.

Lets not forget that this is a marketing campaign to attract visitors to your website and or encourage them to purchase from you. Keep the content relevant to the service and or product that you want to promote and use images where possible but again not too many. One per section of the email will do the trick.

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