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What should be included on a location landing page?

Location landing pages should include interactive maps and directions so that customers can easily find their way to your business. Include images and videos, as well as customer reviews. This helps create an engaging experience for visitors who land on the page and gives them more insight into your business.

Location landing pages are an important part of any website’s content architecture and can help customers find the stores they’re looking for quickly and easily if you have multiple locations.

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When should I use location landing pages

Location landing pages should be used if you want to provide more detailed information about each store and or location within your organisation. Location pages can also be used to promote new stores and or locations, announce special offers and discounts, or highlight local events held at particular stores and or locations.

Location landing pages are also helpful when it comes to SEO. If you’ve optimised the page correctly with location-specific keywords and meta tags, search engines like Google will be more likely to pick it up and display your business in relevant search results.

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What is the benefit of location landing pages?

We are quite often asked what is the benefit of location landing pages. Well apart from being very useful to your potential customers these can be great for SEO.

Location landing pages can help you boost your SEO ranking by optimising the page with location-specific keywords and meta tags that Google will pick up on when people do searches. Ultimately, creating location landing pages is an effective way to make sure customers know where to find you and what they can expect when they get there.

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Can I use location landing pages to sell to specific areas?

Yes you can but you need to be aware of Google’s algorithms around this area. For example if your business is based in Poole in Dorset like us then unless you have a location in London it would not be advisable to create a landing page for web design in London.

Look at your local area, so for us it would include areas such as Bournemouth, Weymouth, Dorchester etc. Essentially any town or city within the Dorset area. In short, if you provide services to local areas then why not target these areas with location landing pages.

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