Search Engine Optimisation

Just below the Pay Per Click (Google AdWords), organic results are considered by over 70 percent of people searching for services and or products. We deploy industry accepted SEO which works within all search engine guidelines so as to ensure that the website is not penalised in any way for ‘under-handed’ SEO tactics.

Starting with a free site and competitor audit we provide a true organic SEO service which includes on-site content writing specifically aimed at the various search engines. With search engines becoming more and more intelligent it is imperative that this content is written with ‘humans’ in mind. The old days of just stuffing random keywords onto a page are long gone and in fact Google will penalise sites that do this.

It should be noted that unlike PPC (Google AdWords) organic SEO does take time to show results. We would always recommend a period of 6 months minimum as an expected time frame to see results. However, organic SEO is more sustainable than PPC (Google AdWords) and is in for the long game.