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Insider Knowledge

Building websites and marketing them is not a complete black art. Don’t get us wrong, there is still an element of skill involved 😉 after all we wouldn’t be in business if we were not good at what we do.

With our insider knowledge, the aim is to lift up the bonnet and have a look to see how it all works. These resources will also be useful for those more adventurous of you that would like to have a go yourself.

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Every website needs a blog right? Well we are no different. With lots of useful information about how things work, our blog aims to once again be transparent with what we do and the reasons why we do them.

From simple questions being answered through to more complex detailed analysis of services and how they can affect your website, our blogs are here to help.

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Location Landing Pages

A critical part of our local SEO services are landing pages. Written superficially for end users to find services that they are searching for, our landing pages can be seen clearly within this section of our hub.

Landing pages are exactly what the word suggests. These are pages that are landed on when clicking on search results within Google or other search engines such as Microsoft Bing (Yes this still exists).

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Industry Landing Pages

Equally as important as Local SEO Landing Pages, industry specific landing pages are important for our SEO customers and for that matter for us. If you provide a service or product that can be industry specific then these specific landing pages are key to any digital marketing campaign.

As a web company, we get to deal with many different industries which can sometimes bring its own challenges. We can and do deal with anything from local service providers i.e. builders, plumbers etc. through to larger corporate organisations with many stakeholders to please.

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eBay & Amazon

So you have an online e-commerce store or you simply sell from a physical location. A great addition to any retail outlet whether large or small are the eBay and Amazon channels. Complimenting your online or physical store with these two channels can mean a significant increase in customers and orders.

Getting the marketing right with these two giants is especially important. There are not only opportunities to lose out on customers and orders but get it wrong and you can find yourself banned from the channel for periods at a time.

We have teamed up with JCM Ecommerce to bring you top quality eBay & Amazon marketing. We have worked with these guys for a number of years now and have no hesitation in recommending them to our customer base.

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