Designs that work

We pride ourselves with our design capabilities which are extremely flexible and can fit any customer requirement/imagination. We provide web design across Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset. From customers who simply need a web presence through to those that require something a little different, we can fit the design remit of any requirements.


We are often asked about how the design and development process works. Well, it is very straight forward and ALL of our web design and web development services follow a strict stepped process as detailed below:
Stage 1: Initial design of template layout (This will follow an iterative process until client is ready to sign off design layout)
Stage 2: Customer sign off on design layout
Stage 3: Develop all website pages based on client requirements using content provided
Stage 4: Site handover for BETA testing to ensure all elements work to customer requirements
Stage 5: Client sign off on entire site in readiness for go live
Stage 6: Final site audit which will include developing the entire site to be mobile responsive
Stage 7: Go live
Stage 8: Full CMS training will be provided
We work with ALL of our customers through the entire design and development process to ensure that the customer gets exactly what they need.


Once your website is built and live on the web, we offer comprehensive support from simple day to day technical support through to on site content and design updates as and when required.
We offer two levels of support:
Service Level 1: Fixed monthly cost which allows our customers to budget this in to their business. This includes all technical support and minor/major changes to the website depending on what fixed cost is agreed. This also comes with a service level agreement which of course will include response times.
Service Level 2: Ad-Hoc support can be provided, but as with all of our services we like to be fully transparent with how we work. With Ad-Hoc support we will provide technical support for the website and changes to the website on an as and when we can get to it basis, dependent on our contracted customer demands at that time.

Search Engine Optimisation

Just below the Pay Per Click (Google AdWords), organic results are considered by over 70 percent of people searching for services and or products. We deploy industry accepted SEO which works within all search engine guidelines so as to ensure that the website is not penalised in any way for ‘under-handed’ SEO tactics.
Starting with a free site and competitor audit we provide a true organic SEO service which includes on-site content writing specifically aimed at the various search engines. With search engines becoming more and more intelligent it is imperative that this content is written with ‘humans’ in mind. The old days of just stuffing random keywords onto a page are long gone and in fact Google will penalise sites that do this.
It should be noted that unlike PPC (Google AdWords) organic SEO does take time to show results. We would always recommend a period of 6 months minimum as an expected time frame to see results. However, organic SEO is more sustainable than PPC (Google AdWords) and is in for the long game.

PPC/Google Adwords

We do not profess to be specialists in this area which is why we work with our preferred partner within this arena. This service, if done wrong, can cost your company a lot of wasted money which is why it is of utmost importance to get it right.
Our preferred partner has years of Google specific experience and knowledge which puts them at the forefront of their game. Again, with any partners we work with, we not only project manage but ensure that customer care sits directly with us at all times.
Although typically only 30 percent of people searching for services and or products will click on these, PPC (Google AdWords) can get instant results for your site and in fact some customers do choose to run this alongside their organic SEO.

Cyber Security & Data including GDPR

Digital security is of paramount importance as is GDPR compliancy. We have the knowledge and expertise together with experience to provide a first in class cyber security service.
From a simple security audit through to all levels of security requirements, we have the resource to match the challenge.

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eBay & Amazon Marketing/Management

In the ever growing digital marketplace, the two main consumer players are eBay and Amazon. These are incredibly popular selling channels amongst consumers across the globe. Often providing you, as an online seller, with a platform to reach an extensive, ready-to-buy customer base.

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Social Media Marketing

Let’s grow the visibility of your brand. And boost engagement with your audiences around your product or service using social media.
Starting from scratch or enhancing what you already have. We’ll work with you to maximise your social media presence and craft your content.  We’ll ensure you stay relevant and truly engage your audiences on both your platforms as well as other groups and communities that align with your message and business.


Adding a video to promote your brand is a great way to grab the attention of your customers and show the product in action. Videos can be the driving force on social platforms and also help turn visitors into customers on your website — Video marketing boots organic traffic by incorporating audio and visual elements to appeal to multiple senses. With videography, you really can think outside the box and personalise how you interact with your customers. Vlog, contests, product reviews, behinds the scenes, interviews, how-to guide, educational product videos and even testimonials, the list goes on and on.


Additional video content in the form of animation is a great way to express ideas to an audience in a creative manner. This form of media is very beneficial to those who are looking to portray a particular message, animation can be greatly diverse in terms of content and production style, and this is effective when trying to reach certain groups of people.  Our animation is made in house, being primarily produced within Adobe After Effects, while other results are achieved with the inclusion of Cinema 4D. We can produce a range of video content, including; 2D & 3D Motion Graphics, Particle Generation, 2D Compositing, Motion Tracking (Selective), Waveform Visualization.

Graphic Design

A logo can really change the identity of a company; It's a big part of your brand, so a modern, and expertly designed logo can completely change the way a customer might view your business which could lead to more business and exposure. Our in-house graphic designer has many years of education and experience in the industry, creating logos and various other publications for some very reputable companies in the Dorset area. So whether you are looking for a new or updated logo, a company brochure, a promotional poster or some business cards to enhance your company’s brand and visibility, then get in touch with us today to see how we can assist with your graphic design needs.

Affiliate marketing

Traditional marketing works very well, but what if you could get others to sell your product. Well this is where Affiliate marketing comes in to play. An affiliate is someone or an organisation that can bring passive sales of your products and or services.
We work tirelessly to locate the right affiliates for our client product/service and from the initial contact through to the build-up of the fruitful relationship, we take on every aspect of affiliate marketing, even down to the web development required to implement outbound links from an affiliate’s website.

Sales consultancy

Our sales team consists of Rob Brown and Seb Booth, both of whom have years of sales experience behind them. With the emphasis on building relationships with client customers, we aim to strategize sales to meet with the long term gain of our client’s businesses.
From simple lead closure inbound through to contacting existing client base to remedy any outstanding issues that have led to sour business relationships, we have the skill set and a fully pragmatic approach to sales that will add value to your business.

Website rescue

There are some 40% at least of businesses that have no idea where their website is, who owns it and even worse who owns the Domain that the website sits on. With as little as a website address, we are able to provide safe and fast website rescue and restoration services. We investigate and implement the strategy that will have you back up and running in no time.


We are always on the lookout for both start-up businesses and those businesses that require a little help in pushing their established business further forward. We invest in several ways, these are:

  • Our time
  • Our resources
  • Our money
Always negotiable, but in return we would look to gain:
  • A vendor that we can add to our digital portfolio on an affiliate basis with preferred rates
  • Monthly retainer payments in return for regular coaching/time/consultancy
  • Percentage shareholding within the business
  • Deferred payment for consultancy/investment
If you would like to find out how we can help you either get off the ground or help grow your business into something that you have always aspired to do, then please get in touch.

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