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What makes good design work

Put simply, web design is the same as any other design work. It has to be catching to the eye, serve some purpose and needs to match the product and or service that you are promoting. As a website design company we have to stay ahead of the game in terms of current style trends. This in turn allows us to design great looking websites that are future proofed and simply work for our clients.

Along with the trending designs it is important for us to sometimes think outside of the box so to speak. This is the stuff that makes great website design work.

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Website Design process

We follow a very strict design process and we are often asked how this process works. Well, it’s quite simple really. We normally ask our customer to provide us with 2-3 websites that they like the look and feel of. This gives us the design inspiration and allows us to design something that we know our customer will like.

We start with the home page and send that over to our customer for sign off or feedback if they would like changes made to the design. This follows an iterative process until the client is fully happy with the design. This final design is then used to develop the rest of the website with the same look and feel as the home page.

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For ever evolving

Leaving a website to just ‘do its thing’ is no longer an option if you want to attract visitors and keep them on the site. For us, this can be as simple as updating the blog, menu and or graphics contained within the website. Providing great look website design is not just about building the site and leaving it alone, this is why we always recommend our monthly maintenance, support and update service once a website is live. This gives our clients the ability to continue evolving the website which in turn keeps it moving.

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The first fold

Quite often we are asked about the ‘customer’ journey on a website and how we provide website design to cater for this. The simple answer is always the same and has been since the dawn of the internet. Keep the first fold of a website, that is the first elements people see when they visit your site, interesting with at least one call to action.

It is equally important to get the mechanics right to facilitate the visitor’s keenness to further explore the rest of the site. It is a cliché but first impressions really do count.

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