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About Bournemouth Upholstery

Bournemouth Upholstery is a well-established firm located in Moordown, Bournemouth. It was founded in 1972 and is still run by the same family 46 years later. Domestic and commercial upholstery are all handled by them. Their store has a vast selection of upholstery supplies, as well as foam. Bournemouth Upholstery is one of the area’s largest suppliers of foam, offering it for retail sale through its retail outlet. Foam can be trimmed to size and meets British Standard Requirements.

Upholstery specialists

The store has an amazing stock of upholstery that’ll satisfy everyone. They’re a business that firmly believes in offering remarkable upholstery services while paying strict attention to detail. No matter if it’s something small like a repair or big like a full refurbishment, they can do it all!

The Requirement

Owing to another local web company going out of business, Bournemouth Upholstery found themselves without a website and also email stopped working. The customer asked us to assist with possibly re-building a new website as they assumed that their old one was lost completely.

The existing company was un-contactable but the Domain for the website was on a third party registrar but the client did not know any passwords and or how to gain access to the Domain itself.

Work carried out

We knew that the website had existed already so we used the Wayback machine to locate a copy of the website first of all. Secondly we needed to rescue the Domain for the client. As they had no log in details we gave the registrar a call (Yes some registrars will actually answer the phone). We quickly established that the registrar knew about the old web company going out of business and they were in the process of contacting all customers to let them know that the Domain can be transferred over to the business owners themselves.

After a bit of backwards and forwards with the registrar and the customer, we eventually managed to get the Domain under their control. This was the first part done and now meant that we could essentially build them another site if needed.

We found out by looking at the history of the site that they used to be hosted by Yell and we know that Yell keep backups. So, we gave them a call (Yep Yell also answer their phone). They were very helpful and in fact the customer had been paying Yell for hosting for some years after the site had been transferred to the other web companies hosting servers. At this point we were able to simply re-point the Domains A record back over to Yell as the website still existed on their hosting servers.

The Result

Within a couple of weeks of being contacted we were able to get the website back up and running much to the customer’s delight and thanks to the helpful guys over at Yell and the very helpful staff at 20i Domain registrar.

We are now working on the email fix for the client but now that we have Domain access we can simply migrate this over to our preferred Microsoft Office365 platform.

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