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Dinner with Shaun – About the customer


Shaun’s journey in the food industry began at the reputable hotel chain, “Forte Posthouse.” Shaun has had quite the career since then, working in various luxurious hotels and side by side with some of finest chefs.

Shaun has over 25 years of experience in the food industry and is always looking for ways to improve his methods and techniques.


Shaun’s cuisine is rooted in classic cooking methods. He enjoys producing wonderfully flavourful meals while avoiding being overpowering, all while using the highest quality ingredients.

Shaun has always been passionate about wine, so much so that he got a degree in it. Because of this background knowledge, Shaun is able to create decadent food and wine pairing menus for his customers.

Shaun’s’ favourite cuisine is a combination of French, Italian, and English. He has been fortunate enough to travel to various regions in France and Italy, including Loire Valley, Bordeaux, Southern France, Rome Tuscany ,and Southern Italy. In these areas he was able to explore the local food and wines.


Shaun is extremely passionate about produce and all that goes into his dishes. For example, he sources olive oil from a small family run business in Greece. The fish and meat come from two of the most renowned suppliers in London, and the fresh truffles and caviar are some of the best you can find. Shaun says, “It’s a bit of a cliché but it’s true- you can’t produce great food with mediocre ingredients”.

Like most of us, Shaun tries to stay in good shape and healthy. He does his best to minimize the amount of butter, cream, and salt in the meals he prepares in order to make them lighter and healthier.

The Requirement

Having just released Shaun’s brand new website in February 2022, he approached us to assist him with his digital marketing journey. We looked at many options and the one that always stuck out from the rest was Organic SEO.

Shaun wanted to compete with the national chefs but also concentrate on the home counties areas around London whilst also looking after his clientele along the south coast of the UK.

The marketing campaign needed to be specific but also flexible enough to adapt to market trends.

Work Carried Out

By researching key phrases throughout the specific chef at home industry, we fairly quickly identified some very low hanging fruit in terms of search volumes and click through rates. Together with this we carried out a full competitor analysis within the industry both nationally and locally within the areas that Shaun wanted to concentrate on.

A major part of SEO is the technical aspect of a website in terms of its structure and front end layout. To this end, we carried out all of the on site technical updates to ensure that the site was ready for Organic SEO and was fit for the search engines.

Once the site was optimised fully for the search engines from a technical point of view, we set to work on putting together a landing page strategy.

The initial site once completed contained 24 pages which consisted of all the standard pages you would expect from an advanced brochure style website. During the course of the initial SEO campaign we over doubled the number of pages by adding content rich landing pages such as this one 5 Benefits of hiring a private chef for your wedding.

Every page created was optimised, not just for the search engines but also for human consumption. It is always important that the content is written in this way as you still need to think of your readership as well as the ranking bots.


The Result

The stats speak for themselves. We started the SEO work at the end of February 2022 when the site’s average position was 100 which means that the site was only just being picked up by the search engines. Wind forward to September 2022 the site’s average position is now 25 with a large number of keywords being added each month to the site from February through to July.

Having statistics is great but it does not necessarily follow suit that the customer gets more calls. We concentrate on keywords that actually work for our clients not just for the stats. Far too often we have conversations with customers using alternative agencies complaining that the stats are great but they are not gaining any more calls/orders.

Owing to the amount of calls that Shaun is receiving along with confirmed orders, he is now looking into next year already for his bookings and is also now looking at how he can grow to meet the future coming orders. Great problem to have as I’m sure you will agree and please don’t just take our word for it, give him a call any time and ask how our SEO service has worked for him and his business.

Trustpilot Reviews

You dream it they’ll build it.

I cant recommend Rob and his team strongly enough.
I was looking for a complete IT solution to both design and manage my website & SEO requirements for my business and Rob and Charlie have been 100% reliable, responsive to my thoughts and ideas and whilst I’m sure I’ve presented them with various challenges since we began working together they have never failed to deliver what I’ve asked for only with the addition of their technical insight which has performed fantastically for my business.
Great company to work with.

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