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About PJ Pet Products

In 2010, PJ Pet Products started off as an importer of dog chews. However, just ten years later, the business has grown significantly. We now carry a wide variety products for both dogs and cats from well-known brands such as Outward Hound, Nina Ottosson, Pioneer Pet Products, and Smart Cat. Of course, we also sell products under our own unique brands including K9Pursuits DO&G CA&T  and many more!

The Requirement

Having just purchased PJ Pet Products, the new owner approached us to updated their old existing website to a more modern look and feel. The old website had some major issues and was very old looking. This was stopping a lot of customers from purchasing products through the existing website. There were some 600+ products available across the site and the customer wanted all of these along with their descriptions, pricing and images to be transferred to a new site.

Along with the data transfer there was a requirement to enhance the site in its function. There were areas that needed improvement such as the email marketing and discounting structure.

Work carried out

Owing to the age of the site and the fact that all of the images had a watermark, it was going to be a challenge to get the old data out in full. This was eventually carried out by using a 3rd party plugin to strip out the watermark and facilitate the export of the data. The issues didn’t stop there though. There were a lot of variants along with their corresponding data that needed to come out and back in. Thankfully we managed to get the data out and back into the new site in a timely and correct manner.

Along side this we needed to ensure that all of the existing customers 600+ customers (Mostly wholesale) were seamlessly transferred across to the new site including their passwords. This was carried out using high level encryption and an export from the old site and import of the encrypted data into the new site.

We then moved onto the design. The site was to have a modern look and feel to it along with a new corporate image which included a new logo and colour scheme. The design went through our normal design process and we worked with the client’s 3rd party graphical designers to put the whole design together to exact client requirements.

Once the design had been completed and signed off by the client it was time to build the rest of the site. This included all of the logistical development around shipping and discount offers. The client opted for STRIPE as their preferred merchant services for checkout and this was seamlessly implemented and tested fully.

Finally, full testing was carried out along with a fully comprehensive site audit to ensure that all pages were working correctly and worked on all mobile devices.

At go live, assistance was given to roll out an email marketing campaign explaining that the company had a new website, inviting them to come and log back in and have a browse around.

The result

The new website was launched at the beginning of August 2022 and no sooner had we gone live they had a new order through the site. This alleviated the requirement for a live test which is what we would normally do with an e-commerce site at go live.

All existing wholesale customers were able to log in and start placing orders on day one. Day two onwards has seen an increase in order intake from existing wholesale customers, some that hadn’t purchased for a while.

PJ Pet Products are now receiving regular orders through their new site with many customers commenting on how easy the new site is to navigate.

We are super proud of the end result and continue to work with PJ Pet Products to further enhance the functionality of the website and what it has to offer.

Trustpilot Reviews

New website delivered on time and within budget

We have been communicating closely with Rob and team over recent weeks in the process of building a new website with complex e-commerce functionality and it was not only a fairly straight forward but also enjoyable journey. The website was delivered on time and within budget – very professional and thoroughly enjoyable.
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